For the first time in history, shutters can do amazing new things!

The Power of Light at Your Fingertips.

Lumina Shutters deliver stunning light with elegantly designed, ambient light producing slats that take the window shutter to a whole new level.

Buttonless Control.
Touch the smart shutter's touch sensing frame to instantly illuminate dim spaces. Three-stage brightness controls allow simple adjustment of illumination with a gentle hand motion near the surface of the shutter.

Wake up with the Sunrise, or go to Sleep with a Soothing Sunset Effect.
A simple 3-second touch activates Sunrise or Sunset Mode: a one-hour brightening or dimming effect that transitions the slats from 0% brightness to full brightness, or 100% brightness to complete darkness over a 60-minute span.

Super Simple Installation, Automatic Setup.
Lumina shutters can be installed by any qualified shutter installer or do-it-yourselfer, and require no setup. Once installed in the window, just insert the included DC plug into the shutter frame and plug the power supply into a window or wall mounted outlet.

Long Lasting, Energy Saving Design.
The solid state technology in each illuminating slat consumes 4 watts of energy or less, providing light from even the largest of windows with just a fraction of the energy required to power a single light bulb.


Improve your quality of life, enhance the atmospheres you love, and save valuable energy resources - all with a wave of your hand.

Quality that's easy to see.

Each illuminating louver seamlessly blends its light with the next, producing volumes of refreshing, evenly distributed luminance at kelvin temperatures near 3,200k (warm indoor light) or 4,800k (pure white light) to perfectly enhance environments.


Shutter panels come in a choice of two luxurious colors: Pure White and Bright White.
Constructed with the highest quality fade-proof, water resistant and flame retardant materials, Lumina Shutters are safe for your home, safe for your family, and safe for the environment.

The Perfect Marriage of Form & Function

Lumina Shutters are great at providing privacy and controlling sunlight at the window. They also produce powerful light, extending daylight into evening hours and simulating the effect of a bright, sunlit window. Control them in groups with a standard wall switch.


Available now for fall/winter 2018

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custom window units

Designed for specific window measurements, custom units are available with inside or outside mount configurations in a variety of trim and hardware options. Available in Pure White and Bright White panel colors and Warm White or Pure White light colors, custom sized Lumina Shutters are available for pre-order today.

Common Sized Units

Common sized Lumina Shutters come in a variety of dimensions that cover the most popular window sizes and mount over windows in an outside mount configuration. They can also be mounted against walls, or flat surfaces where they can be arranged in a variety of unique patterns. Illuminate spaces without windows such as basements, media rooms, hotel rooms, interior state rooms, medical offices and more.
Available for pre-order today.

Optional switch selectable warm white / pure white dual lighting units coming 2019.

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